Best Shower Glass Cleaner in Australia | Its Under $10

Most people in Australia use their bathroom for showering daily. With that comes the unavoidable build-up or dirt, grime and stains on shower screen glass.

Luckily, there are readily available cleaning solutions that are formulated to remove those stubborn soap scum markings instantly and effectively. 

In this article, we will look at some of the best shower glass cleaners that you can buy in Australia. Along with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to use these products.

But before that, let’s see what we’re up against. 

Common Sources of Stains on Your Shower Glass

Soap Scum

Soap scums are those stubborn white markings usually found on shower glass and in soap dishes. Contrary to what most people believe, these aren’t just soap markings.

They are a combination of water, soap talc, and body oils that hit the glass panels and doors of your shower screen as you are showering. 

As this liquid dries it forms a water-insoluble stain that can corrode your shower glass over time. What makes it worse is when you leave the shower without wiping or rinsing it off.

Hard Water Stains

Another contributor to your shower glass stains is hard-water stains.

Water that contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium which exceeds 60 mg per litre is known as hard water. In other words, it is water that has a high mineral content.

When this hard water dries, the resulting stains are incredibly difficult to remove, especially when they build up over weeks, months and years. 

In Australia, the classification of water supply is different in each city and state.

For example, Sydney and Hobart are considered to have a “soft water” supply while Brisbane and Adelaide have “hard water”. 

That said, some glass shower screen doors may have more water stains than others. It all depends on the quality of the glass, how well it has been maintained and its overall age.


Soap scum and water stains may look messy but at the end of the day, they are not going to harm you. Mould, on the other hand can be very harmful to your health.

In general, a bathroom’s increase in moisture and lack of ventilation can easily lead to the growth of moulds.

As such, this is something you should constantly be removing or better yet, preventing.

Moulds can be identified as those black or pink disgusting build ups often found at the joints of your shower glass panels or doors where the glass meets its frame. 

Now that you know what you’re up against, we’ll look at the products that work amazingly well in removing them. 

Mould in shower glass joins

Best Shower Glass Cleaners

In choosing a shower glass cleaner, you must choose a solution that can remove soap scums, moulds, and water stains. 

People with limited experience in cleaning a bathroom may reach for a standard glass cleaners like Combat Glass + Chrome for their shower glass.

These products will work great on your bathroom mirrors and other glass panels in your home, office or vehicle.

But when it comes to your shower screen glass, they will only remove some minor stains. With that in mind, they will not achieve the sparkling clean result you desire.

Instead, you should use all-around bathroom cleaners equipped to handle the stubborn stains we’ve discussed above. 

Below are some of the best products to clean your shower glass. 

#1 - Combat Bathroom Blast (Its under $10)

Combat Bathroom Blast is our top pick for the best shower glass cleaners in Australia. 

It effectively and instantly removes soap scums and hard stains on your shower glass leaving your glass streak free and crystal-clear. Plus it is very cost effective.

Unlike other glass cleaners, it does not contain environmentally harmful chemicals making it an eco-friendly, sustainable bathroom cleaner. 

Furthermore, it is also effective on other surfaces such as tiles, stainless steel, and toilets. 

We recommend that you mix 1 part Bathroom Blast solution to 4 parts water for cleaning your shower glass.  

#2 Enzyme Wizard Bathroom/Toilet Cleaner

A great alternative to our top pick is the Enzyme Wizard bathroom cleaner

Enzyme Wizard effectively breaks down mineral build-ups usually seen in shower glass. In addition, it also uses environment-friendly chemicals making it safe to drain. 

Unlike other brands, Enzyme Wizard removes odours without leaving strong fragrances making it safe for people with asthma.

It removes the source of the odour by breaking it down instead of masking it with a strong fragrance. You can also use this on other bathroom surfaces like your tiles, toilet, and taps.  

This bathroom cleaner comes in a convenient spray bottle that is ready to use. Alternatively, you can dilute 1 part Enzyme Wizard up to 10 parts water for a milder cleaning solution.

How To Clean Your Shower Glass - Step By Step

Step 1: Prepare the cleaning materials you need to use

Prepare all the materials you need so you can clean your shower glass now and again in the future at regular intervals. Here’s a list of things you would need.

  • All-around bathroom cleaner 
  • Sprayer bottle
  • Cleaning gloves
  • Non-scratch scourer
  • Microfiber cloth

Step 2: Mix the bathroom cleaner and put it in your sprayer

Mix 1 part of Combat Bathroom Blast with 4 parts water. For example if your spray bottle is 500mL then you would add 100mL of Combat Bathroom Blast and fill the rest with water.

If you’re using another brand of bathroom cleaner, check the instructions for their recommended dilution ratio. 

Replace the sprayer lid and gently shake the solution in your sprayer bottle. Now you are ready to clean.  

Alternatively, Enzyme Wizard bathroom cleaner has a ready-to-use sprayer that does not need diluting.  

Step 3: Spray the solution onto your shower glass

Spray a generous amount of the cleaning mixture all around the glass. You can spray more into heavily stained areas to achieve a deeper clean from a stronger chemical reaction. 

Women spraying cleaning sloution on shower glass and wiping with cloth.

Step 4: Scrub the shower glass with a scourer

Use a non-scratch scourer like the EDCO non-scratch scourer sponge to gently scrub the stains all around the shower glass.

Just be careful not to scrub too hard as even non-scratch scourers may damage your shower screen if used too aggressively.

This can be especially true if your shower screen is not actual glass, but instead is plastic or perspex. So make sure to test in an inconspicuous area first.

Also make sure to lightly scrub the bottom edges because that’s a common spot for heavy dirt build-up.

Once again, be gentle around the silicon seals between the shower walls, floor tiles and shower screen frame.

Step 5: Rinse with water

Next, rinse the glass with water to remove the excess solution. Consider using distilled water for rinsing if your area has a hard tap water to avoid the build-up of hard water stains. 

Step 6: Wipe with microfibre cloth

Lastly, wipe the glass with a microfibre cloth to prevent further build-up of water stains. 

Step 7: Perform regular maintenance

To maintain a clean shower glass, rinse and wipe the glass every after use to avoid dirt build up. If you don’t have time for wiping, make sure to at least rinse the glass before you get out.

Make sure to add this process to your regular bathroom cleaning routine.

How often you do this all depends on how frequent you use the bathroom and how many people are in your household. But once a month is usually a safe option.

With regular cleaning, each clean will be quick as the build-up will be less severe. This will keep your shower and whole bathroom looking clean, presentable and smelling fresh.

Sparkling clean shower glass.


Cleaning shower glass is different from cleaning other glass around your house or in your vehicle.

The former deals with harder-to-remove stains that come from soap, body oils, and water minerals, while the latter only deals with dust and water stains. 

Therefore, the chemicals needed for cleaning shower glass are different from the chemicals used in cleaning other types of glass. 

Using the products we’ve detailed above and by following the step-by-step guide, you will be able to easily clean your shower glass, making it crystal clear and welcoming.